It will be really very convenient to travel by a car when you visit important cities of Portugal. You can go inside the city and pay visit to many different beaches and other heritage sights.

If you have your own vehicle then you can always visit any place at your own pace and explore all the important corners of the country. It can always be little scary to drive in an unknown location and country. Therefore, you need to know about the place in more detail before visiting the country.

In case, you are interested to take care of rental then you must read more hiring car tips in Portugal from different sources. Here we have provided few important things to know while driving in Portugal.

  1. Why should you rent any car?

While going to different beaches, you can always save your time by having your own vehicle. Buses and shuttles will go to only few of the popular destinations.

Also, buses move as per their own schedule and that means you may have to wait until they are available.

  1. Choose your car rental agency

You must check all the pluses and minuses points while choosing the car rental agency. Though renting a car from airport may be little expensive, you can save the taxi or shuttle charges to go to the city.

In case you have decided to take car from the airport then try to reach as early as possible because there will be a long queue. 

  1. Must have a valid driver’s license 

It is not necessary to apply for any international drivers permit. In case you have valid driving license from your own country, there is no problem in driving at Portugal.

  1. Insurance

Before checking for insurance make sure that your credit card has all the features needed for car rental insurance. If it has then you can save lots of money. 

  1. Type of car

Prefer to choose a car meant for driving on the highways. Also, if you are more comfortable with automatic transmission cars then prefer to hire the same.

  1. Car fuel

Always use any recommended type of petrol preferably from the location of your car rental. Paying with any credit card will make the transactions little easier as it will save your time.

  1. Navigation system

It will be very useful to make use of Google maps while driving to any unknown city. However, if you are out of the covered range of the service provider then you may not get navigation.

  1. Toll road or toll-free

Although with toll free roads you can quickly reach your destination but you have to shell out lots of money. In case you are not in hurry, you may prefer to drive on toll-free roads too. 

  1. Toll pass

It will be nice if you can manage to obtain toll pass, then you can save lots of your money and also avoid heavy traffic. 

  1. Road signs

If you are not familiar with the road rules and signs of Europe, especially of Portugal, then you must study about it by doing little bit of research online. Only then you must think of driving around out there, so that you do not get into any kind of trouble. It may sometimes be very confusing if you are totally unaware about the road signs. 

  1. Speed limits

On major highways you can drive at the speed up to 130 km/h, however while driving within the city you must remain within 30 to 80 km/h limit.

  1. Parking

There will be plenty of paid parking areas that you can easily find in all the cities of Portugal. Take the ticket after you pay for parking.