Scuba diving is one of the most enjoyed and liked water sports all over the world. While it happens in most places having a beach or on islands, in India, the major hub for scuba diving enthusiasts is none other than Goa.

 Goa is becoming quite famous for its lavish beaches, party atmosphere, casinos, and carefree vacations, thus, making it a perfect spot for a chill vacation. However, scuba diving in recent times has become a major center of attraction.

 Most scuba diving sites are near beaches, and some are very famous amongst them.

Travel to Goa isn’t very expensive and can be done by train, by air, or through long road trips.

One very famous and adventurous scuba diving spot in Goa is the Grande Island in Goa. Grande Island is not just famous for scuba diving but also for numerous other water sports.

 The location of Grande Island is very favorable and easily accessible. The island is also called Monkey Island. The Grande Island is one of the most popular and happening scuba diving sites in Goa. The footfalls every year account for this fact as the truth and hence also implies why it must be so popular. The Grande Island has a surreal and emphatically beautiful seaside and the marine life beneath the clear waters is just breathtaking. The calm waters of the Arabian Sea just add to the magic of the experience. Divers and other people who visit the Grand Island often spot beautiful and magnificent dolphins swimming in coordination with the rhythm of the splashes of the Arabian Sea. That’s not just it. The deep waters of Grande Island also house numerous exotic species of corals, fishes, and seaweeds. Apart from the lovely sea and its flora and fauna, the beach of Grande Island is spectacularly beautiful in itself. Apart from that, the tourists and people who visit the beach with friends and families add a life altogether to the otherwise quiet and serene place.

The journey to the Grand island can be done with a ride from Bagmolo beach.  Most times, the ride starts from the Sinquerim Boat Jetty.

 The experience of scuba diving in the Grande Islands is not just beautiful, thrilling, and pleasant but is also light on the pocket. Normally, the fare for scuba diving in Grande Islands is around 1400-1800 Rs.  which isn’t too much provided the kind of experience one has in journeys like this. Also, the ideal time to visit and do scuba diving on Grand Island is between October to April. 

 Not just scuba diving, Grande Island is also famous for a lot of different water sports that are provided by the beautiful sparkling waters of the Island. The water sports are cheap and compliment a beautiful and thrilling day of scuba diving with energetic and fast-paced thrilling and adrenaline-rushing activities. The activities mostly include:





Superboat ride

Banana boat ride


Snorkeling is a bit like scuba diving, but the major difference between these two is that snorkeling is normally done on the surface while scuba diving allows a person to dwell deep in the mystic waters to experience the beautiful world under the crystal water, unlike snorkeling that shows the beauty of the deep waters through the surface itself. Grand Island also is used by many tourists to experience snorkeling. The price is mid-range and normally comes with the package of scuba diving.


People in Goa are very well known for fishing and its wide variety of seafood that is available on beaches in stalls, set up by local vendors. However, some fishing enthusiasts also take this opportunity to try their hands on fishing in the beautiful seawater of the Arabian Sea while enjoying the Grande Island.


Parasailing is another extremely exciting water sport that is famous all over the world. It is loved by people who look for thrill even in the waters and look for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The speed of the motorbike along the shoreline with the splashing on water and the wind racing through the body makes it a perfect activity to boost up adrenaline levels on a beautiful beach of the Grand Island.

Jet ski, Banana Boat, Speed Boat Rides

Along with all the other fun activities, the beaches of Grand Island also provide awesome and enthralling rides of gushing speed through the splashy waves on the shore of the Grand Island beach on jet skies, banana boats, and speed boats. These are easily rentable and come at an economical price and can be enjoyed by adults and teens with parents easily with a little bit of caution thus one can experience the gushing adrenaline and one of the best experiences ever.

The Grand Island is one of the most popular beach spots in the lovely state of Goa, most prominently for scuba diving but also for other enthralling water sports activities as well. The price, the beauty, the accessibility and the number of fun people have on the beautiful sand and shores of the Grand Island, make it a must-visit for everyone.