Research organises information gathered from different sources. The systematic gathering of data is an essential part of effective research work. It helps in building solid arguments by learning different resources. Learning material in terms of cost is divided into free access to material and paid to study material. As a research paper includes an extensive literature study, free access to studying material is essential to ensure the study’s cost-effectiveness. This article will explain free legal resources and the top ten free research databases. This article explains the free legal resource to Access Research Papers and the ten best databases to Access Research Papers for free. 

Fee Legal Ways to Approach Research Papers

This article will help in learning the five best legal and free ways to approach research papers. 

1.  Using the University library

The student must gain access to the university library. The university library remains free to access for the students enrolled in the university. Different universities gather different resources. However, these resources include complete access to millions of pieces of literature. In case the university library lacks some resources, the library management of the university will help you gain free access to the required information. The university libraries are mostly linked and synchronised with the digital resource of Google Scholar. 

2.  Open to Access Resources

Different organisations and entities set different parameters for their operations. There is a list of open to access literature resources. These resources are linked and synchronised with the taxpayer system or some other mechanism to give conditional free access to literature. In order to ensure compliance with the rules and policies, different browser extensions are helpful. These free to access resources include Open Access Button, Unpaywall, Discovery and CORE. 

3. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a widely used application around the world. It helps Access Research Papers and articles for free. The instant access to the free digital platform assists in conducting an in-depth study on different subject matters. 

4.  Research Resources

The free research resources other than Google Scholar are ResearchGate and These digital free platforms require the users to first create an account by signing up to their official websites. After becoming a free member of the digital resources, these websites give access to their users. These digital resources contain a massive amount of data that may touch every field of study. 

5.  Requesting the author

If the researcher cannot gain access to the required piece of literature. The researcher may contact and request the study’s author to provide a copy. The contact information of the actual author is usually public and can be easily accessed. Numerous authors happily gift a copy of their study. Whereas it is not the right of a researcher nor their responsibility to share their work. 

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10 Best Free Research Database Resources

The access and approach to fit to suit pieces of literature is the lengthy and challenging mechanism of research. The modern age of digital resources provides different free to use research database resources. This article consists of the 10 best resources to Access Research Papers for free. 

1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an academic work search engine. This search engine helps gain free access to different pieces of studies. Everything published on this resource does not have to be free to access. However, most of the content available on these resources is free to access. 


The CORE is the most extensive open to access the search engine. It gives free access to a massive number of studies. Therefore, it is among the most helpful database resources. The database resources consist of publications from around the world. The global publications make it an authentic digital database. 

3. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine 

This digital database consists of documents exceeding 140 million. These documents are gathered utilising over six thousand sources. The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine database documents include nearly sixty per cent of free to Access Research Papers. This research system is purely dedicated to academic research work. 

4. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

The  digital library consists of digital library resources of nearly twelve thousand free to approach studies and references. These studies and journals cover all the subject areas, including the humanities, social science, medicine, technology and science subjects. 

5. PubMed

US Governmental institution of medicine maintains the digital search engine PubMed. This medical search engine gives free access to nearly 29 million biomedical research works. These pieces of literature mainly include books, journals, life science and medicines. The NCBI institute operates another search engine from chemical sciences, PubChem. 

6. E-Theses Online Service (EThOS)

This digital library is a UK-based search engine library. It contains the doctoral-level thesis amounting to over five hundred thousand thesis of the database. More than fifty per cent of the total thesis in the British owned search engine is free to access. The “E-Theses Online Service” have direct access or using the university link. 

7. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

This database consists of resources that include different fields of study, including humanities and social sciences. This digital search engine consists of over eight hundred thousand pieces of literature. These pieces of literature can be divided into thirty different disciplines. The majority are free to Access Research Papers. However, only members can access this database. The user can sign up for free to become a database member. 

8. WorldWideScience

The “WorldWideScience” is another scientific search engine. This search engine consists of academic pieces of literature published around the globe. This academic search engine translates the research work automatically. 

9. Semantic Scholar

One of the most useful resources of academic research is Semantic Scholar. It uses keywords to filter the most relevant information. The mechanism used for filtration includes using key phrases, images and citations to find appropriate pieces of literature from a cluster. 

10. Public Library of Science (PLOS)

This organisation gives open and free access to its database. The database of PLOS consists of resources including their own research work along with the publication from different other journals and researchers. 


Research work is the backbone of any piece of academic writing. Therefore, it is essential to gather enough resources to help the researcher fully understand the subject matter. It will not only help in gaining knowledge and help build solid arguments. The preferences of the students remain to Access Research Papers for free.

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