If there is ever the mention of home security, we tend to think about surveillance cameras and security systems for our homes. These two are the most common ways to resort to when it comes down to home security.

But if you didn’t know this before, there are ways to make your outdoor security better than before. And no we’re not talking about wired fences or trip alarms across the yard. There are more devices that can actually help with that.

FirstEnergy Home offers its customers a smart home security starter kit and then some, which include a couple of smart products that could boost the security of your home – especially for the outdoors. These kits are reasonably priced given the kind of products they include. Take a look at some of the products they include in their kits.

1. Motion Sensor Floodlight

What you need for the outdoors, and what is much better and more effective than motion sensor trip-alarms in your yard, are motion sensor floodlights. These are an instant deterrent to any trespassers or intruders as opposed to the regular motion sensor alarms – because they usually only alert the homeowner by sounding the alarm, or the security company directly to their connected system. Either way, a motion sensor floodlight is far more effective.

FirstEnergy security kits include the Sengled LED motion sensor floodlight. It does not require new wiring fixtures so that makes them easy to install, to begin with. They can detect motion from up to 30 feet from the device and within a 100-degree field of vision – and once lit the light stays on for about 90 seconds. That’s long enough to scare someone off and alert neighbors as well as the homeowners themselves.

2. Video Doorbell

Video Doorbells let you view whoever is outside your door, and not from a tiny screen installed in the entrance corridor of your home or the kitchen, but instead from your smartphones and tablets. You read that right! Video Doorbells feature their own mobile apps that are downloadable onto our smartphones and tablets, through which users can see whoever is at the door and answer as well! The FirstEnergy security kits include the Google Nest Doorbell.

So even if you’re at work or sitting in the food court at the mall, when someone rings the bell, you get an instant alert on your smartphone from where you can answer and see who’s there. No one has to know you’re not home. But what’s even better is that video doorbells have an HD camera quality and wide angle view so you can see a person from head to toe.

Some video doorbell variants also allow for notifications whenever it detects any movement in the camera – even if the bell hasn’t been rung. But generally, almost all variants allow you to access the video doorbell’s camera at any time of the day; call it a surveillance cam too if you want.

3. Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are a sure way to provide keyless and tamperproof entry into a home. These locks connect to your smartphones, like the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock in the FirstEnergy Home security kit, and through our phones, we can lock and unlock these devices. Some smart locks are even compatible with voice assistants so they not only support remote control but also voice-enabled control.

Other general features of smart locks include locking and unlocking the device with the tap of a button on our smartphones, or with a passcode typed onto the device’s keypad. Some devices even use geo-fencing technology to lock and unlock themselves automatically. And besides, you won’t have to lend your keys or passcodes to anybody ever again! Use your phones to remotely unlock the door even if you’re not home.

FirstEnergy Home’s outdoor security kits mainly include the 3 devices mentioned above and are packaged at reasonable prices that range up to $460.

Any Other Alternative?

Other than the three devices mentioned above, you can also opt to add Smart Cameras to the outdoors. Smart Cameras are far more efficient than regular surveillance cameras, plus they are weatherproof; they can withstand all the dust storms, thunderstorms, and snowfall.

But what’s more is that similar to video doorbells, smart camera live video is accessible through their own smartphone applications. So you can watch what’s going on in your backyard while you sit at your desk at work, or sunbathe by the pool at a resort in Miami. And that’s not all, the cameras come with a built-in microphone and speaker which in this case can be quite useful in deterring any trespassers outside your home.

Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com today and read all the details of their outdoor security kits. They can easily be integrated into your existing home structures because the devices are easy to install and don’t really require much other than a Wi-Fi connection.