When you drive through the roads in your brand-new car, a certain feeling of pride takes you. Your vehicle symbolises how your dream became a reality when you purchased it. However, your responsibility does not end here. If you want the vehicle to last longer, performing the car exterior protection correctly is essential. 

To ensure proper car maintenance, you can take many steps and perform them yourself. With a vast range of car accessories available, you don’t even need an expert’s help. If you commute daily, your car’s exterior becomes prone to dirt and damage. Moreover, a new paint job can be too expensive. 

So, to restore the car’s value, keeping it clean is the easiest and simplest method. With the help of accessories like cleaning kits and car body cover, it’s easy to bring back the car’s shine. But many of you make inevitable mistakes when performing a car cleaning routine. Here’s a detailed guide on the dos and don’ts of keeping your vehicle’s exterior clean.

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Are you cleaning the car’s exterior the right way? If not, follow this guide to help your vehicle’s look last longer.

Don’t: Avoid Using Just Any Cloth

It is common to find people cleaning their automobile’s exterior with just any cloth. It may not allow you to clean the car effectively. Moreover, as these cloth fibres are not soft, they may leave behind marks and scratches on the car’s paint. It is preferable to use microfiber towels to clean the vehicle’s exterior. 

Microfiber cloths are soft and gentle on the car’s body. It effectively wipes off the dirt and dust without leaving behind scratches or marks. You can use two of them for better cleaning. Using the first towel, clean the exterior as much as you can. Use the second one to buff away the last drops of water or cleaner. 

Do: Ensure To Use the Right Cleaner

Most people tend to clean their cars with regular home detergents or cleaners. Although it may clean the car effectively, it’s better to avoid doing so. Dishwashers are great for utensils but not suitable for vehicles. It can hamper the body paint and even rip off the wax. 

Experts will suggest using a cleaner that is especially available for cars. These cleaners contain ingredients that help in effective cleaning without affecting the car’s body. You will also find eco-friendly car washers that do not require water and save time. 

Do: Use Two Buckets to Wash the Car

You should rinse the cloth after each dip into the suds bucket to get the dirt off your automobile. You should ideally have two buckets available. One for washing your fabric and the other for putting soap on it before using it to wash the car. One of the easiest strategies to prevent accidentally scratching the paint when washing your automobile is to do this.

Don’t: Wash in Direct Sunlight

Most experts advise against washing your car on a bright, sunny day. It is because keeping it wet until it dries completely ensures perfect auto cleaning. The sun will quickly dry the water and even the soap if the metal is hot. 

It will leave streaks all over the paint and glass. You can avoid spots by parking in the shade or cleaning in the early evening. It’s crucial to rinse with a gentle mist rather than a strong stream of water.

Do: Read the Car Washing Instructions on The Manual

Read the instructions before using any auto care products. Some people may have unique advice on how to use a company’s products for the best effect. Others could specify a time you must wait before washing or polishing, like with leather lotions and auto waxes.

Don’t: Avoid Keeping Long Gaps in Your Car Washing Schedule

Avoid taking extended breaks between washing. Because dirt, bird droppings, and other stains will take more time to remove. Additionally, the technique might degrade the car’s paint, causing early paint damage. 

Professionals experts and news media outlets claim that washing your automobile or motorcycle daily might harm the paint and cause early corrosion. So, it is better to wash every one to three weeks and wax every three months.

Do: Start with Washing the Wheel

Before cleaning the rest of the car, start with the wheel cleaner. It is a more effective way to clean the vehicle’s exteriors. Apply it as directed, give it a gentle mist, and then leave it alone. It takes a bit longer. Brake dust and wheel grime are typically harder to remove than what is on your automobile’s paint. Imagine doing the equivalent of soaking your dishes in the sink before cleaning them.

Don’t: Avoid Reusing Car Washing Tools

Never use the same wheel and tire cleaning equipment outside the car. They’ve probably picked up dirt flecks that might damage your car’s paint.

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