Do you have low libido?

Statistics show that loss of libido (sex drive) is a problem many people face at some point in their lives. You can also have other causes. You might experience a decrease in sexual desire due to relationship problems, stress or fatigue, as well as an underlying medical condition.

The level of libido and sexual drive in a person can be very different. Low sex drives do not necessarily indicate a problem. There are natural ways for people to increase their libido.

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What exactly is the libido?

Libido is a synonym for sexual desire or sex drive.

Many factors can impact your libido. Cenforce 100 mg Tablet: These factors include hormone levels, medications, and sleeping habits.

Everyone’s libido is different. Most people experience a decrease in their libido with age.

Treat Depression

Depression can also affect libido, just as anxiety. Depression can lead to sexual dysfunction.2 But, if depression is treated, it is possible to improve sexual function and increase sexual desire. As with anxiety, depression can be treated by medication, therapy, and/or natural healing methods.

Low libido could indicate that you are taking depression medication. Talk to your doctor if you feel more depressed because of low libido.

Some fruits can be tried

While there’s little evidence to support the effectiveness of certain foods, it’s possible to experiment with them.

Avocados and bananas are all considered to be libido-boosting foods or aphrodisiacs.

These foods have high levels of vitamins and minerals which can promote healthy sex.

Enjoy Chocolate

Since the beginning of time, chocolate has been a symbol of desire, and it is delicious and can enhance sexual pleasure.

It is possible to promote the release of chemicals like serotonin TrustedSource or phenethylamine in chocolate and it can be mood-lifting or aphrodisiac.

In 2006, a study showed that chocolate may have a more psychological effect on sexuality than it does physiologically.

Get your daily herbs

To make your next romantic dinner even more special, add a little basil or garlic. Basil stimulates your senses. Allicin, a high-level component of garlic, can increase blood flow.

These effects may help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Ginkgo biloba is another herb found to treat antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction in men, according to research Try Fildena 100 mg Tablet. It is an extract of the Chinese ginkgo leaf.

Improve communication and connection

Your relationship’s intimacy can increase your desire for intimacy. You can improve your relationship outside of the bedroom by scheduling date nights, communicating and spending quality time together.

Talk to your partner about changing the way you sex. Low libido is a problem but does not have to be a barrier to your love life. Trust and communication are essential for intimacy and better sex.

Talking with a sex therapist may help you and your partner find a way of communicating sexual issues. Therapy can strengthen your sexual connection, and increase your sexual desire. This will make you happier in your sex life.

Limit alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can affect your sexual drive, reduce satisfaction, and make it more difficult to have a good time in the bedroom.

Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes can cause damage to the cardiovascular system. A healthy heart is vital for good sexual function.

People who smoke may experience an increase in energy, sexual drive and motivation after quitting.

Boosting libido in males

Low testosterone levels in males have more libido than those who are older. Their testosterone levels naturally decline as they age. There is a treatment called testosterone replacement therapy.

Trusted Source reports that testosterone replacement therapy can improve libido in men with hypogonadism and/or testosterone deficiency.

Supplements or foods that increase testosterone levels or enhance sexual function are not supported by evidence. Research suggests that zinc, vitamin D, and other nutrients may play a key role in testosterone levels.

Learn more about foods that increase testosterone.

Boosting libido in females

The use of hormones related to sex can affect female sexual desire. Trusted Source

Women often experience a decline in libido when estrogen levels fall. Estrogen replacement therapy may be beneficial for some people.

Dryness around the vaginal area is another sign of menopause. Lubricants can help people have more sexual activity.

Birth control pills can also decrease libido. A Sexologist doctor can determine if hormonal contraception has an effect on a person’s sexual drive.

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