Pawna Lake is considered to be one of the most popular and known destinations in Maharashtra. Tourists from all over the country visit the place to enjoy its picturesque and scenic beauty. The place is not only popular because of the nearby historic and ancient places but also for the overnight camping experience too. Spending the night under the starry sky is what adventure addicts love about the place. 

Pawna Lake camping is everything one hopes and wishes for when they think about adventure and challenge. Pawna Lake serves as one of the most perfect getaway from the busy city life filled with chaos. Those visiting the place can treat and indulge themselves in several activities like canoeing in the lake, visiting the nearby places and enjoying the sunset. 

About Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake is nothing less than a treat to a camper’s paradise and eyes. The place is mainly renowned for its camping experience and challenges it offers. Many agencies also offer camping packages in Pawna Lake. You also can enjoy many benefits during Pawna lake camping and facilities based on the package you have chosen. The site is enclosed by aerial hills which adds beauty to the place. For those who want to take a break from life full of responsibilities and chaos can visit the place for a magical experience.

Best enjoyed with friends and family:

Pawna Lake is considered to be nature’s work of art. Pawna Lake camping is an incredible feeling which you have never experienced before and will never forget if experienced. From enjoying the scenic and beautiful beauty of the place to laying on the soft lush grass under the starry sky, this is an experience you will never forget. This place is best enjoyed with friends and family. However, you can go camping with your work group as well. Pawna Lake is not a much explored area but with the construction of the Pawna Dam, the importance of the place has increased. This beautiful and exquisite destination is a secluded place but you will still be close to the city. 

The serene atmosphere and beautiful views of the sunset are what makes the place perfect for camping. Sitting by the lake with your friends is nothing but pure bliss to heart, mind and soul. There’s no such feeling that can beat the experience in the Pawna Lake camping, amidst nature. Taking a break in nature’s lap far away from the hustle and bustle of city life is the best thing you can enjoy in life. You can enjoy many activities in the lake. Apart from sightseeing one can do many things like go canoeing, boating and perform other activities there. If you love camping and outdoor activities, then you must visit this place with your friends and family. Camping near Pawna lake at night is the best experience you can have.

Best Time To Visit

Pawna lake is a beautiful and exquisite lake located in Maharashtra. Though you can visit the lake anytime throughout the year, the best time to visit Pawna lake is from the months of January to May and October to December. During this time, the state of weather is perfect to plan a visit to the lake. When it comes to Pawna lake camping, then the best time would definitely be these months only. For camping anywhere in the country, any traveller needs and wants less rain and dry weather conditions. And if you are visiting the lake during the beginning of the year, then you will definitely find it perfect to wake up to the beautiful sunrise and plan your day ahead accordingly. And if you are going around the time of December, you will experience cool breezes which will enhance your stay in the camps. These months also allow you to put yourself in adventurous and challenging activities which is a must if you want to have a trip to remember forever. 

Things To Do At Pawna Lake

  • Adventures At Dudhiware Waterfall
  • Camping at Pawna lake
  • Paragliding
  • Trek up to the Lohagad or Visapur
  • Tikona Fort Trek
  • Kayaking at Pawna lake 

Agriculture Around Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is a huge water-maintaining structure. During the seasons of low rainfall or during summer time, the stored water is used for agricultural purposes. Due to the huge trading post of water it passes down to underground water streams and increases water level. After a while this increased water level increases the water content in wells of nearby villages.

During summer time main crops grown around Pawna Lake are Wheat, Groundnut, Bajri, Pulses, Jowar, seasonal crops like tomato, cucumber, and many more. While in monsoon season rice is grown in large quantities. Sugarcane is also one of the crops taken on a large scale.